“Creating negative publicity shakes a team…Germany is a good example”

 Jurgen Klinsmann, who leads the Korean national soccer team, emphasized that everyone must come together in a positive atmosphere to win the 2023 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Asian Cup in Qatar, which will be held in January 2024.

Coach Klinsmann returned from England through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 14th with members of the Korean national team. Klinsmann returned from England during the international break in September after playing a two-game series between Wales and Saudi Arabia.

Initially, the Korean national team, along with Saudi Arabia, was planning to play a friendly match against Mexico, a powerhouse in the Confederation of North, Central, American and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF), in September. However, Mexico changed its mind considering the broadcast in its country, and Korea and Saudi Arabia decided to play against each other instead of Mexico. did.

On the 8th, Klinsmann played his first A match with Wales in Cardiff City, England, and drew 0-0. Then, on the 13th, the team moved to St. James Park in Newcastle, northeastern England, and clashed with Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Striker Cho Kyu-sung’s winning goal was well taken to win 1-0, and the team earned their first win after 3 draws and 2 losses since Klinsmann took office as head coach.

Although Klinsmann won his debut after going through many hardships, he was immediately embroiled in controversy. This is because skipper Klinsmann did not come to Korea with the Taegeuk Warriors and decided to remain in Europe to watch the German Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen to be held at 3:45 a.m. on the 16th.

KFA also announced that Klinsmann was planning to watch Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga game in person this week, visit a European club, and have a meeting with officials. Klinsmann’s intention was to conduct local analysis with the coaching staff staying in Europe ahead of the international match in October and then return to Korea.

He cited the reason as a check on the European team, but Korean fans were not at all convinced. Fans are unable to hide their bewilderment at the policy of observing again the national team’s regular defender, whom he used as a starter in two international matches just a few days ago.온라인바카라

Kim Min-jae’s role in Bayern Munich was not different from that of the national team, nor was he relegated to a bench member, and he had established a solid position right after his transfer, so soccer fans strongly protested, asking what further inspection was needed.

The reaction shown by the fans did not happen suddenly, but rather the anger that had been building up until now exploded. Klinsmann, who has been leading the Taegeuk Warriors since February, sparked controversy over ‘working from home’ by living overseas, such as in the United States, longer than in Korea. British public broadcaster BBC also pointed out, “It is estimated that Klinsmann stayed in Korea for only 67 days during the past six months since he was appointed to the Korean national team.”

Observing the K-League was entrusted to advisor Cha Du-ri and coach Michael Kim, while Klinsmann performed national team duties in Europe and the United States. During this period, he worked in the United States and appeared as a panelist on the soccer program of global sports media ESPN and Spain’s leading newspaper AS, analyzing and evaluating Premier League teams including Tottenham and evaluating the trends of Harry Kane and Lionel Messi. He was criticized for showing actions that are difficult to consider as a coach of the Korean national team that reached the round of 16 of the World Cup, such as predicting a win or draw or loss in some games.

In addition, ahead of the September international match, he attended the 2023/24 UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League final group draw event held in Monaco, France on the 1st, and before that, he visited AS Monaco in French Ligue 1, his former team during his active career, and gave an interview. He showed actions such as eggplant that are difficult to believe as the coach of the national team.

Klinsmann even caused controversy during his international break. On the 10th, between the Wales game and the Saudi Arabian game, a ‘Legends Match’ was held between Chelsea Legends and Bayern Munich Legends at Stamford Bridge in London, England. At this time, Klinsmann was invited as a Munich Legend and said he would play in the match.

It is unprecedented and a shocking incident that defies common sense for the national team coach to leave camp immediately after showing a poor performance against Wales and play a legendary match for the club he played for during the international match period. This is especially difficult to do in situations where public opinion is not favorable. 

As controversy intensified as Klinsmann was included in the rosters of both teams released by the host Chelsea on the 7th, the Korea Football Association emphasized on the 8th that Klinsmann’s participation was not true. However, Klinsmann’s personal thoughts were different and he wondered what was the problem with participating in a legend match during a break during his stay in England. In the end, Klinsmann’s name was omitted from the Munich roster that was finally released at 1:40 a.m. on the 10th, confirming his absence from the legendary match. However, criticism is pouring in regarding this confirmation of non-participation, calling it ‘a complete disaster’. This means that although the worst situation has been avoided, the trust of the public and soccer fans has already been lost.

Did you sense this atmosphere? Klinsmann suddenly completely revised his plan.

KFA explained, “We decided to change the schedule at today’s coaching staff meeting to begin the process of checking K-League players before announcing the October list.” As a result, Klinsmann returned to Korea for the first time in about a month since last August and stood in front of Korean fans and reporters.

The national team, which returned home with Klinsmann after the Saudi game, will play its first game on October 13 against Tunisia, a North African powerhouse that beat France in the group stage of the Qatar World Cup finals, and will face Vietnam on the 17th. Kickoff time for both games is 8pm. The venue is Seoul World Cup Stadium for the Tunisia match and Suwon World Cup Stadium for the Vietnam match.

After the October international match, the 2026 World Cup Asia second round qualifiers will be held jointly by three countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. First of all, on November 16th, the first match of Group C of the second qualifying round will be played at home, but the opponent has not yet been decided. It will be played against the winner of Guam and Singapore, which will be played home and away on October 12th and 17th. Singapore is ranked 158th and Guam 204th in the FIFA rankings, so Singapore’s power is objectively evaluated to be superior. Then, on November 21st, they will travel to China in the second game of Group C. 

 Jurgen Klinsmann, who leads the Korean national soccer team, emphasized that everyone must come together in a positive atmosphere to win the 2023 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Asian Cup in Qatar, which will be held in January 2024. Coach Klinsmann returned from England through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 14th with members of…

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