Is it dangerous if the lower body is weak? LCK Week 1 Meta Flow

‘Roll’ is a game where the level of each tier is better than expected. This is because overall individual indicators tend to decline as the tier goes up. However, on the contrary, teamfight indicators such as KDA show a gradual increase, which means that the proportion of so-called fatal deaths in the canyon decreases as the tier goes up, and strategic pressure and battles such as 2-player dives, 3-player dives, and many-to-many teamfights. This is because the result of increases in line with the rise in tier.

The reason why individual competence is more emphasized as the tier increases is that avoidance of dive play or increased contribution in teamfights directly touches individual competence. In fact, as of January 22nd, OP.GG’s bottom champion tier in the Gold or higher rank section, the champion tier in the Master rank section or higher, and the LCK 1st week’s champion pick structure are very different.

In the Gold or higher rank section, Samira’s unrivaled OP streak stands out. However, when entering the master rank section, Samira’s tier drops to tier 3, and attention is paid to the mixture of champions who specialize in supporting firepower from the outside, such as Jin and Caitlin, and rushing champions such as Ezreal and Kaisa.

Lucian and Jerry appear to have distanced themselves from the options to be placed in the next order. However, the pro scene again proved that they were undisputed 1st and 2nd picks, picking Jerry 18 times and Lucian 14 times. Why?

In the end, it can be seen that the choice in the pro scene is because the weight was placed on stability rather than rushing. The solo rank stage is suitable for displaying a play that is so-called ‘carried’ with strong pride.

However, in the professional scene where the team’s victory is more important, a sudden play can unilaterally collapse the laning competition, so Lucian’s pick, which has a high laning advantage and teamfight contribution, is preferred. In order to counter this, picking extreme utility supporters like Yumi and Lulu and bringing Jerry can be said to be a pick that reflects strong expectations for the return value in the second half.

Moreover, the fact that the two champs receive more attention than other champions is that unlike many other champions, they have evasion-type skills, so they offset the disadvantage of being a jerk. Ezreal and Jaya also have the ability to choose to rush and evade, but compared to the firepower merits of Lucian and Jerry in teamfights, they are bound to feel lacking.

In the match between Gen.G and T1 held on January 18th, the initial 3+1 dive situation was the essence of a typical bot driving game. In a situation where Keria and Kumayushi’s T1 bottom line was pulled up to the front of the camp’s 1st tower, Gen.G called up jungle and mid laners respectively, and quickly cleaned up Kumayushi. In addition, it was possible to obtain a one-sided dive benefit.

In this way, while the very classic strategy of attempting to burst the bottom while promoting the early dine-dive strategy was used, two very savage strategies for bottom driving have also emerged. It is the use of ‘Jin’ supporters and extreme supporter roaming strategies that have recently become famous in the heavenly ranked game.

In the match between Kwangdong Freecs and Hanwha Life on January 19th, the first pick of Jin, who was appointed as a supporter in LCK history, appeared. The two-one deal strategy has already appeared several times in the LCK in the form of Barus-Ashe. Considering the basic skills of a supporter, such as control of the field of view and mobility, the use of Jin as a supporter with outstanding firepower was more likely to be perceived as a half-assed supporter rather than an attractive supporter.

In fact, even in-game, the firepower support stood out at times, but as the overall game flow was broken, it was a card that lacked a lot to prove the legitimacy of the ‘supporter’ Jin option.

Compared to the relatively explosive damage-focused bottom combination of Ash-Heimerdinger, it had the advantage of being able to gain an advantage in street fights by using a long range. However, considering that Viper’s Barus is by no means a champion lacking firepower, ‘Was the combination of Barus and Jin appropriate?’ A question mark could have been added.

In-game, Barus recorded a whopping 4 deaths, reducing his weak survival due to the absence of a utility supporter. It was a game that showed that more strategic considerations must be followed in order for a true supporter to be studied as a card against champions with high late game expectations such as Lucian or Jerry.

The 3rd set between KT and T1 held on January 20th was a match where KT pulled out an extreme card to face a strong firepower-intensive combination called Varus-Ash. It was Heimerdinger’s extreme roaming strategy. Speaking of results, it was a clear failure and a match that showed how far the game could be ruined if it was not faithful to the fundamentals of the ‘role’ game.

Jerry’s early line clearing ability is not good, and his stamina is as weak as that of a decent utility supporter. In the end, Jerry’s growth curve has a structure that has no choice but to go up very slowly and gently as he drags the beginning into a battle of how to hold on ‘alone’ well. Even though the need for support is more important than any one-dealer champion, KT boldly chose to leave the one-dealer alone.

After the pre-season patch, the bottom line received 22% EXP from the previous 24.73%, resulting in a slight experience nerf when forming a two-man attacking team. To offset this, the bottom line was configured as an extreme single attack path, and the supporter was used like a ‘Roamer’. However, due to this, Heimerdinger’s growth was delayed to the extent that he could not learn the ultimate skill by the 16th minute of the game. 슬롯사이트

Aiming’s Jerry, who almost ate up experience points by himself with supporters’ wide-area roaming, only dealt around 3900 damage in 24 minutes and completely lost his presence in the canyon. It was a typical example of a champion who shined in battle and could not do anything if he was tied only to the line with his hopeless line clearing ability.

All of these attempts can be said to be the result of a meta analysis centered on the bottom line that shows a relatively stable numerical composition in a chaotic meta. The diversified item composition and the emergence of jungle pets through the pre-season may bring more extreme meta interpretations in the future. But one thing is certain: at the end of these attempts, there will be one or two undisputed champions throughout the season. The first gate has just opened on the journey to find the answer.

‘Roll’ is a game where the level of each tier is better than expected. This is because overall individual indicators tend to decline as the tier goes up. However, on the contrary, teamfight indicators such as KDA show a gradual increase, which means that the proportion of so-called fatal deaths in the canyon decreases as…

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